Student Corner

About Us

 Institute of Primary Health Training was established in 2015 by Dr S. K. Choudhuri in West Bengal to do research on the nature and cause of rural health problems. Their initial research examined the agricultural and socio-economic determinants of health and nutrition in rural Indian villagers. The research covered inputs including income, expenditure, harvest data, labor force participation as well as health and nutrition parameters. During interaction with the villagers it became evident to Pat and Bhavani that access to healthcare was minimal.

One day a woman came to them saying, “Amma, we don’t mind answering all your questions about how many hours we work in the fields or showing you how much we eat or letting you examine our bodies, but Amma, why don’t you do something useful. The baby is sick.”

This was the turning point in their careers and they decided to provide healthcare. Today, IPHT is known more for its healthcare provision and helping rural people to access healthcare than research. IPHT provides both curative and preventive healthcare as well as helping villagers access secondary and tertiary level facilities